Call of Duty Ghosts – Lista de Perks

12 de Março de 2014
Call of Duty Ghosts – Lista de Perks



  • Ready Up (1 point)

    Your weapon is ready faster after sprinting. Ready Up’s quicker aiming after sprinting can reduce the number of deaths you suffer from sprinting into a combat engagement.

  • Sleight of Hand (2 points)

    Cuts your weapons reload time in half. This perk is helpful to almost any weapon, but it’s especially useful to guns with shallow magazines, slow reloading times, or weapons that burn a lot of ammunition quickly.

  • Agility (2 points)

    Agility increases your movement speed. Exactly how much of a benefit you get from this perk depends on your equipped weapon. Handguns and SMGs move the fastest, followed by Shotguns, Assault Rifles, etc.
    In normal combat, it lets you quickly reach key conflict points on a map, travel through a flanking route more quickly, escape from a losing battle, or move faster to land a lethal knife kill.
    Agility is effective with Marathon and either an SMG or a Shotgun; this lets you close the distance to fully exploit your close-ranged weapons. Learning when Agility can give you a decisive positional advantage takes time – its effects aren’t immediately obvious in a straight fight.

  • Marathon (2 points)

    Gives you unlimited sprint. Marathon is very important in any game mode that requires rapid mobility, which is almost all of them on offence. It’s also useful for quickly cutting off chokepoints before the other team arrives or for reaching spots and contested overlooks.

  • Stalker

    Allows you to move faster while aiming down the sight. Stalker basically gives you 100% walking speed while you ADS – this can give you the edge in mid-range firefights.





  • Strong-Arm (1 point)

    Allows you to throw equipment farther away; It also cooks your grenades faster. Enemy Frag Grenades can be safely thrown back due to Strong-Arm resetting the explosives timer.

  • On The Go (1 points)

    Allows you to reload while sprinting.

  • Reflex (2 points)

    Swap primary and secondary weapons faster – useful for players carrying a sidearm. Even weapons that are slow to bring up, like Shotguns, LMGs, and Sniper Rifles, are readier more quickly.
    You can also use equipment twice as fast – this basically means faster recovery from throwing grenades, and quicker equipment deployment, which leaves you vulnerable for a shorter duration than normal.

  • Steady Aim (2 points)

    Increases hip-fire accuracy for all guns by reducing the normal spread factor by over 30%. This is a substantial improvement, generally bumping a gun one step up the accuracy scale.
    Steady Aim is very useful for the run-and-gun player, because ADSing takes time, and movement speed while ADS is reduced. Firing from the hip has neither of those disadvantages. Coupled with the fact that bullet impacts slow player movement and cause view recoil, the first player to score a hit in a CQB is often the victor. Steady Aim helps you to get that first hit and get hip-fire kills at a moderate distance with SMGs.

  • Quickdraw (3 points)

    Allows you to aim down the sight (ADS) of any weapon twice as fast. This reduced ADS time makes Handgun and SMG sighting lightning fast. Assault Rifle times become very quick, and LMG times become fast enough to use more safely in medium-range engagements.
    Cutting down ADS time can increase your chance of scoring a kill in a firefight where you spot an enemy in the open who can see you. You are all but guaranteed to line up the first shot more quickly than your opponent does.





  • Takedown (1 point)

    Take out enemies silently without revealing their location. Normally downed players show a skull above their body that their teammates can see, but this perk disables that for enemies that you take out.

  • Blind Eye (2 points)

    Enemy air support and sentry killstreaks can’t see or detect you – it also makes you immune to Oracle systems. Although air support killstreaks can’t target you, you can still die from collateral damage if you get close to a teammate that doesn’t have Blind Eye.

  • Dead Silence (2 points)

    Allows you to walk, sprint and jump almost silently. Most skilled players rely heavily on sound to warn them of enemy presence, whatever their radar might say. Dead Silence removes the warning that footsteps give.

  • Incog (3 points)

    Makes you resistant to enemy targeting systems like Recon, Thermal, Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor.
    Incog also prevents the red name and crosshair from appearing above you if an enemy targets you; this can cause temporary confusion to the enemy and could give you enough time to get the upper hand.

  • Off The Grid (3 points)

    Gives you immunity to enemy Sat Com killstreaks and radar pings by not showing you on the radar.
    It’s strongly recommended pairing this with a silencer if you plan to engage enemies behind their back. Firing an unsilenced round with no friendly blips near you on the radar usually attracts enemies to your location.






  • Recon (1 point)

    Enemies that are damaged by explosives are tagged and can be seen through objectives for a short time.

  • Scavenger (2 points)

    Scavenger causes slain enemies to drop ammo packs that you can pick up. These blue packages replenish your primary and secondary weapons’ ammunition.
    Scavenger’s power increases the longer your average lifespan is. If you play a very run-and-gun build prone to dying quickly, you won’t get much out of Scavenger. On the other hand, if you are a more cautious player, Scavenger can allow you to defend a fixed position almost indefinitely.
    This benefit is usually more pronounced on medium to large maps, where you have time to pick up supplies and get out of sight. Smaller maps, with their high rate of conflict and frequent close spawns, give you less of a chance to catch a breather and stock up.

  • SitRep (2 points)

    SitRep causes enemy equipment and explosives to show up as bright red and visible through walls at a short distance. SitRep is very useful on offence. It’s also useful for covering objectives, as you can quickly spot unpleasant surprises that the enemy team may have set up nearby.

  • Amplify (2 points)

    Makes all enemy sounds louder. This is a ridiculously strong bonus. Used well, it can almost feel like cheating. You can clearly hear enemy movements a good distance away, sometimes even through walls.
    It’s recommended that you use a headset with this. The one bundled with every Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 isn’t the best, but they are definitely better than using the speakers on your TV. In the end, it’s better to purchase high quality headphones; they’ll give you an advantage.

  • Wiretap (3 points)

    This perk allows your deployed Sat Com killstreak to hack into enemy Sat Coms. Hacked Sat Coms work normally for the enemy, but they also stack as your own Sat Coms.
    For example, if you have one Sat Com and the enemy has three, they stack as four Sat Coms for you – this gives you an “Advanced UAV”.







  • Resilience (1 point)

    Gives you near immunity to falling damage. You can still die from a lethal fall, but any nonlethal fall doesn’t hurt you at all.
    In most situations, this simply is a nice bonus, but on some maps, you can get a lot of mileage out of this by sticking to high ground, safe in the knowledge that you can leap from a tall building without the fear of dying on impact.
    On some maps, this facilitates an easy getaway from combat, even if you take a hit or two while jumping.

  • ICU (2 points)

    Regenerates your health faster.

  • Focus (2 points)

    This perk reduces weapon sway when aiming down the sight and also makes you flinch less when shot by the enemy. The flinch protection is useful with almost any weapon; if your view stays on target but your opponent’s jerks wildly when you shoot him, you are more likely to come out standing.

  • Tac Resist (2 points)

    Tac Resist is a useful defensive perk that renders you nearly immune to Flash, Concussion or EMP grenades.

  • It’s great when you go for objectives where you expect grenades of all types to hammer you. But, because it depends on the enemy team using those grenades, you may or may not get a lot of mileage out of Tac Resist.
  • Blast Shield (2 points)

    Blast Shield slices all explosive damage you receive by over 50 %, meaning that anything but a direct explosive won’t kill you. You can stand near C4, walk past Claymores, breeze by Semtex or Frag Grenades, and sprint through RPGs and Grenade Launcher fire.
    Blast Shield is most useful when you know you are going to take explosive damage, rather than simply because you don’t like explosives. This perk doesn’t save you from concentrated barrage of explosives by multiple players, but it does let you last longer, and it absolutely saves you from stray explosions.







  • Extra Tactical (1 point)

    Gives you one extra tactical equipment.

  • Extra Lethal (2 points)

    Gives you one extra lethal equipment.

  • Fully Loaded (2 points)

    Gives you extra magazines for your weapons.

  • Extra Attachment (3 points)

    Allows you to choose an extra attachment for both your primary and secondary weapon. This is a solid all-around perk, useful in many situations.

  • Danger Close (4 points)

    Increases explosive damage. For example, Frag Grenades have enough explosive power to take out players at the edge of its blast radius.







  • Gambler (1 point)

    Gives you a random perk when you respawn.

  • Hardline (2 points)

    Reduces the amount of kills you require for any killstreak by one; every 2 assists also count as a kill. It has a profound impact on the frequency of killstreaks you generate. It’s less noticeable for very high-end killstreaks, but taking any of the six or below streaks can greatly increase frequency.

  • Ping (2 points)

    After killing an enemy this perk activates a sonar ping that reveals other nearby enemies.

  • Overkill (3 points)

    Allows you to carry two primary weapons. Overkill is very useful for running two weapons of different ranges. With an Assault Rifle / Shotgun combo, you can clean up close quarters with the Shotgun, while engaging long-range targets with your AR.

  • Deadeye (5 points)

    Consecutive kills increase the chance of your weapon to cause more damage to enemies.




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