Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Perks e Killstreaks revelados?

09 de Agosto de 2012
Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Perks e Killstreaks revelados?

O site Dualshockers afirma conhecer grande parte dos Killstreaks Perks para Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, revelando que a fonte é um membro anónimo da Activision.

Fiquem então com a seguinte lista de Killstreaks e Perks:


  • UAV – Standard COD killstreak
  • Care Package – Standard COD kill streak
  • RC-XD – Same that was in Black Ops 1. Remotely control an RC car with explosives on it.
  • Microwave Turret – Place this on the on the ground to trap enemies in a wave of microwave energy. If the enemy is in it for too long, they die.
  • Death Machine – Same killstream from Black Ops 1.
  • Hellstorm Missile – Same to the Predator missle in MW3, except it can deploy a cluster bomb before impact if the player wishes.
  • Multiple grenade launcher – A rapid fire grenade launcher.
  • QR Drone – Control a quadrotor, flying through the map, shooting enemies.
  • AI Tank – Similar to the assault drone in MW3
  • Sentry Gun – Your typical COD sentry gun. Can remotely control it.
  • Orbital VSAT – Similar to the Advanced UAV in MW3, but cannot be shot down, and has the enemies painted on minimap. Their position and directional information is shown in real time.
  • Single Seeker Drone – Launch a single seeker drone that flies into the air and seeks out the nearest enemy and kills them.
  • EMP – Same as in MW3
  • Helicopter gunner – Control a helicopter gunner. Includes feature to move across map when player wishes to change position.
  • Lodestar – A plane that flies over the map. Player can control it shooting rockets down at the enemies.
  • Helicopter escort – Have a helicopter that follows you from above, shooting enemy players.
  • Attack Dogs – Same kill streak from Black Ops 1
  • Drone Swarm – The top killstreak. Call in a swam of drones overhead that will seek out and kill enemies.


  • Ghost – No information
  • Fast Hands – Swap weapons faster and throw grenades faster.
  • Dexterity – Climb obstacles faster
  • Lightweight – Either run faster, or run longer
  • Flak Jacket – Same as in Black Ops 1.
  • Tactical mask – Resistant against flash bangs, concussion grenades, spikes, EMP grenades
  • Cold blooded – no information”


Fonte: MyGames


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